Which eBook reader app??

For last a couple of years I try to satisfy my reading pleasure with eBooks! Of course I also still purchase paper books because it is not so easy to find all new published books also as eBooks.

Why do I prefer eBooks is absolutely another subject to mention about later in another post.

Now, let me mention about how I could figure out the biggest problem of mine in my eBook reading experience.

Nowadays everybody around us has at least one smart device or personal computer. I am also one of them :)

Time to time I read my eBooks in my smart phone then I move to my tablet to read or in another day I just want to continue reading the same book in my PC.

However this multi-platform usage leads to a problem for me. I couldn’t find any platform which can synchronise  my devices each other to let me have a better reading experience.

Even though I was telling my self that only and only Google can help you with this problem when I realised that Google Play Books wasn’t activated for Turkey (also for Belarus where I live) I disappointed.

Secondly and unfortunately iBooks presents opportunity to sync all the books that you have bought from its own store and only among Apple devices.

On the other hand Amazon could sync all books in different platforms by Kindle device or app but again only for the books which you have bought from Amazon.com.

A couple of days ago I somehow realised that Google Play Books already was available for us. Without loosing any minute (although I have plenty of free minutes nowadays.) I uploaded all my eBooks to Google Play Books. Now I am so happy to read all my synced eBooks regardless of which device and platform I read.

Previously I was archiving my eBooks with Calibre app in my Mac and keeping an updated copy in Google Drive to reach them anywhere. Now all my cloud library is on Google Play Books.

Don’t worry, in coming 5-6 years you will also evolve to read majority of your books in eBook format. Thats why you must prepare yourself to say good bye to your lovely, paper smelling, nice to touch books.

Its better to focus on functionality rather than sentimentality. I will mention functionality details in another post :)

Read, help people to read!

Google Play Books

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Android App

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