Success of Belarus in Olympics

Nowadays at home, at office, on tv, on radio, on social networks I hear those words so often: Olympics, gold medal, Domracheva, urrrraaa, nalivai, etc…

The reason is; Belarus had very successful results in winter Olympics which is being held in Sochi, Russia.

As I feel myself very close to Belarus, I feel also very happy with the great results. So far; we have 5 gold medals and one bronze medal. As an outcome of those 6 medals, Belarus holds the 7th place in Olympics. I hope we will have more medals till the last game.

On the other side of Medal as a Turkish man in Minsk, I cant keep myself to not to compare Belarus and Turkey  in terms of Olympic success.

With a very limited research I collected such information below.

Please analyze the numbers on table by keeping in mind the difference of national population, GDP and first appearance in Olympics.

Comparison of TR and BYIn my opinion, Belarusians should proud of their country and their sportsmen because of the success in Olympics despite of any difficult conditions.

On the other hand  as Turkey we should think about our sport policy.

As a result personally I feel both proud and shame at the same time :)


Eurosport - Darya Domracheva of Belarus skis during the women's biathlon 15km individual event (Reuters)
Eurosport – Darya Domracheva of Belarus skis during the women’s biathlon 15km individual event (Reuters)

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