Global Biologic Bomb: AAB

imagesLet me introduce myself: Global Biologic Bomb

In May 2013 when I was 29, even though I had in my childhood, second time in my life I was diagnosed as chickenpox.

Its written that the incubation period of chickenpox is 15-21 days.

If I count back 15 days after the diagnose, it means that I had been infected when I was in Minsk.

Lets see the travels which I made after the infection:

  1. Minsk ? Riga
  2. Riga ? Amsterdam
  3. Amsterdam ? İstanbul
  4. İstanbul ? New York
  5. New York ? İstanbul
  6. İstanbul ? Minsk

3 continents, 5 different cities, 6 different flights… Thousands of people which shared the same flight and same airports with me at that period of time.

Numerous of people to whom I communicated, touched, spoke!

Would you please imagine, If I was a vector of more serious disease and how it would be easy to transfer this disease to numerous of people “exponentially” just by traveling??

I was a real biologic bomb and danger for all world :P

On the other hand, If I was aware of my sickness for sure I wouldn’t travel. :)





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