Shall we kill half of the humanity?

Nowadays I read a book which is titled as “Inferno”. Its a book from a bestseller writer which most of you know with his master piece “Da Vinci Code”.

It is Dan Browns Inferno.

Dan Brown is famous with fiction books which are strongly based on real life realities. In his final book “Inferno” the main character Prof. Langdon chases  after a scientist which plans to decrease the worlds population dramatically.

The scientest does believe that the current population increase is not sustainable at all. If we think about the whole life of humanity on planet earth as 24 hours we have remaining only a few seconds, he says.

That’s why the one and the only solution to this critical problem is to deduct the world population by nearly %50.

I strongly recommend you to read the book, it is a very interesting book and you really learn a lot when you read.

When you first face with the idea of brutal head-count cut in our world population it may make you feel yourself uncomfortable.

Then let me make you feel a little bit more uncomfortable with some data and visiuals.

200 years ago our population was 1 billion.

90 years ago our population was 2 billion.

50 years ago our population was 3 billion.

Now it is 7.4 billion.

And it is projected to be 9 billion within 25 years.

Look at that graphic! Isn’t it scary?



The main problem is while we pullulate we use more and more natural resources. The human sourced negative impact to the nature is increasing dramatically.

There are plenty of examples that you can see even with your own eyes in the nature around you.

More population means necessity for MORE food, MORE production, MORE wealth, MORE MORE MORE…

In the following video you will see a murder of the fourth biggest inland sea of the world by Soviets in order to irrigate to produce MORE for feeding the increasing population.

Just pay attention how fast it happens in only 4 decades.

On the other hand, there are a lot of scientists and activists try find a solution in order to lighten our dark future.

While most of them work and spend their life and careers to stop  or slow the negative impact of humanity to nature they also analyze the past in order to predict future.

Here in the next video Swedish scientist Hans Rosling explains the solution for a sustainable world.

Increased child survival, smaller family size, more and correct investment in right green-tech are the main keys to take under control world population.

The first photo of the Earth from Moon

Killing the half of humanity shouldn’t be the only way to save human race.

Anyway, with our current technology and knowledge we cant replace our planet in close future so till we find a new home we should take good care of it!

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